What is Project AWOL?

Project AWOL is the non-profit, charitable arm of AWOL Academy which was co-founded by Keala Kane and Kameron George.

For both Keala and Kameron, co-founding a market shifting, entrepreneur educational platform just simply wasn’t enough in their hearts and minds.  They felt a deep calling within to take steps to ensure their company’s success was able to influence positive change within numerous communities across the globe.

The goal moving forward is to have a significant impact on helping under developed communities in a variety of ways.

Two particular areas of focus within Project AWOL are through short term, “immediate impact” projects as well as longstanding improvements through access to the proper education through new schools and up to date tools, resources and curriculum.

So far, Project AWOL has been able to create their first two success stories as they began their journey of navigating the non-profit realm.  They were able to help serve in the completion of projects that provided a significant advancement within 2 communities.

Their first venture into the charitable arena was by connecting to a well respected organization called Change Heroes.

The mission at the core of Change Heroes is to provide a wide range of community support in different areas.  They understand that massive help can come in different forms.

Three different ways they are able to do just that is through Shelter, Education and Health.  So whether that be constructing housing quickly and cost-effectively, providing quality basic health services or the construction of a new school… Change Heroes gets things done!

Which is exactly how everyone within Project AWOL loves to work!

Make moves… make change.

So as one of their initial projects, they put their focus on education.

Project AWOL agrees that it’s not solely about education within underdeveloped countries but also to build schools that act as a community meeting place that encourages a greater impact for both kids and their mothers, fathers, grandmothers and distant cousins.

Project AWOL was able to join forces with Change Heroes to create a campaign that had a significant impact on communities.

In fact, Project AWOL was ranked #2 in the Top 25 Campaigns.

After seeing the type of life-altering change that a non-profit mission could have on so many in need… Project AWOL moved forward with even more enthusiasm.

They then discovered an impressive organization called Charity: Water.

Charity: Water is an organization dedicated to bringing clean water to the millions across the globe that do not have access to something that so many of us take for granted.

So far the Charity: Water mission has been able to provide funding for 22,936 water projects for 7 million people.

Once Keala and Kameron dug deeper into the vital importance of what Charity: Water was accomplishing… they just knew this would be their next non-profit project.

With that Project AWOL joined forces with Charity: Water and in a very short period of time achieved their initial goal.

Project AWOL was able to assist by helping raise the funds required to create a new well in a community in Tanzania that now provides clean and fresh water for 235 people!


The project was a rousing success.  Not only did it provide fresh water but it also brought the community together as a complete unit in helping to complete the project.

Although right now, the future of where and what Project AWOL will be pursuing in the world of charitable works is yet unclear.

Both Kameron George and Keala Kanae are currently researching the types of organizations to work with and the type of assistance to provide those who need it.  They definitely want to build upon their initial success with Change Heroes and Charity: Water.

Everyone within the AWOL Academy team is truly moved, inspired and anxious to begin this new journey into the non-profit world of charitable works for those in need around the globe.

And this… is only the beginning!

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